Before You Text: Sexting & Bullying Prevention, Education & Intervention Course Assessment

Please answer all of the following questions to the best of your knowledge in order to receive a certificate of completion. You are required to score at least 80% correct in order to successfully complete this course.
  1. 1. Which of the following are identified as internet predators?

  2. 2. In this program, “adults” are identified as

  3. 3. In this program, “kids” are described as

  4. 4. Kids today will

  5. 5. How have suicide rates for youth changed?

  6. 6. In the legal definition in Texas, bullying always happens in school.

  7. 7. The Texas Law on cyberbullying includes

  8. 8. Harassment is always sexual.

  9. 9. In the 'Ashley' Video, which human biases did she express before victimization?

  10. 10. According to the 'Don't Get Sextorted' Video, send ________ to avoid being sextorted.